Teacher appreciation.

Back in college, when I taught ESL to grade schoolers, I heard someone call out that adage: “those who can’t, teach”. I can’t possibly begin to tell you how angry that made me, not only because the person who said it was the parent of one of the students (not mine, thankfully) but also because he said it in the main office of the school, in front of at least 4 teachers. Yeah, that really happened.

I don’t believe in that. I believe in order to teach, you need to know not only whatever subject you’re teaching, but also have a passion about education and promoting the growth of your students as persons. And I don’t have kids yet, but I’m sure whenever I do, I will be HELLA appreciative to their teachers.

This is a little something we did for a local school, Shaketon Elementary. They were having a teacher appreciation day held by the PTA, and we decided to show our support by getting them some unhealthy but delicious snacks: cookies!

Because, come on, everybody loves cookies! and not every teacher loves apples, right? I mean, dealing with 15 loud rambunctious munchkins every day for at least 5 hours can’t be easy, let’s give them something comforting, as un-diet-friendly as it may be.

So we came up with these stickers, cleverly disguised as a nutritious apple, you get a delicious cookie inside!  We may or may not put them up in the store sometime, depending on wether you guys want to show some love for your kiddos’ teachers or not. In the meantime, here are some photos of the tasty teacher treats.

teacher appreciation IMG_4875 copy IMG_4874 copy


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Sara Angeles. MBA, Party Enthusiast and Mom. Founder of The Unique Day, a creative party decor company. Lover of modern party goods & pretty things.
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