Marina’s beautiful mermaid party

To kick off our new website we decided to have a small party with one of our new collections. This one is a beautiful mermaid themed party collection, perfect for girls!

The collection includes 6 different printables that you can customize to suit your own mermaid’s party. Change the name on the banner and cupcake toppers, personalize the invitation, ¬†even the food labels can say what you will be serving at your own party.

The decoration for the party was very easy. We made some tissue paper pom poms following this tutorial from Martha Stewart weddings. They’re quite easy to make and if you get the tissue paper at, say, the dollar store they will not make a big dent in your decoration budget! (If the tutorial is a little confusing to you don’t worry, very soon we’ll post a tutorial of our own so stay tuned!).

We used a white tablecloth (everyone has one, right?) and added some aqua tulle from the fabric store to simulate waves and the sea. The backdrop was a stroke of luck since Sara had gotten that tablecloth at the clearance section at Target some time ago, not even having an event in mind, but it ended up looking perfect as the backdrop to our table. If you don’t have a colored tablecloth lying around, you can always get some fabric too.

All those little seashells on the table are keepsakes from the beach, a friend’s daughter let us borrow them, but If you don’t have any at hand I’ve seen them for purchase at several craft stores.

Look at all the cute little details on the party. The goodie bag toppers are folded in half so you can see the thank you note from both sides of the baggie, however you can cut them in half an use each side as a wrapper for something in a little jar or bottle (bubbles!)

And the party hats, if your mermaids are a little too old for those, you can always use as paper cones for popcorn, veggie sticks and whatnot.

What do you think? Isn’t this a beautiful party? And this is just a little bit of what’s to come from the unique day, we’re also launching holiday collections just in time for Christmas party planning so stay tuned and follow us on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook for surprises!


About The unique day

Sara Angeles. MBA, Party Enthusiast and Mom. Founder of The Unique Day, a creative party decor company. Lover of modern party goods & pretty things.
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