Thanksgiving free printable #2

Less than 3 days to go for Thanksgiving, is your menu complete? Has family started to arrive? Here’s some printable place cards that can also double as buffet labels for your Thanksgiving feast. Plus, they’re EDITABLE! you can print them blank and add the names yourself using some cute glittery pen, or you can type names or dishes then print!

free printable place cards for thanksgiving or fall from the unique day

free printable place cards for thanksgiving or fall from the unique day

To download them, go to our facebook page and after you “like” us, you’ll be able to see the “freebies” tab. click there and you’ll be able to access all our freebies!

Thank you to all our fans for your continued support, here’s to you and your loved ones having a beautiful and safe Holiday.

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Thanksgiving freebie printable!

Have you planned out your Thanksgiving menu? Are you cooking everything? Or are you buying some of the food to make it easier for you on Thursday? Here’s a little something to spruce up your dinner table; monogrammed napkin rings for your Thanksgiving Dinner!

free editable printable napkin rings from the unique day

free editable printable napkin rings from the unique day

You can type your guest’s name and use them as place markers, or you can just use one letter for your family’s initial. Or you can leave them plain and enjoy the fall foliage and colors of the chevron design, isn’t it beautiful! As always, download them from our facebook page, click on the “freebies” tab (you need to “like” the page to be able to see all the freebie downloads).

We’d love to hear your comments, so please leave your feedback here or on our Facebook page. We’ll have matching freebies for next week before the big day so stay tuned!


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Thanksgiving Sale!

We’ve been MIA from the blog for some time now, all of us have been going through some changes so it was a bit hard to keep up with all our media outlets, but we’re BACK! And we’re kicking off Thanksgiving celebrations with a SALE!!! As a big heartfelt THANK YOU to our fans, we’re having 25% off any item in the shop! So hurry and check our Facebook page for all the details on our Etsy coupon! We’re also going to have some freebies for Thanksgiving table setting and decorating so stay tuned to the blog and facebook pages :)

And, if you’re keen on starting all your holiday shopping early, we’re also reducing the price of our Winter/Christmas collections by 50% so you can take advantage of this sale too!

Etsy coupon for thanksgiving sale

Etsy coupon for thanksgiving sale

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Happy Mother’s Day! & a Sale!

happy mother's day, from us at the unique day, to every woman who has the blessing of being a mom.

happy mother’s day, from us at the unique day, to every woman who has the blessing of being a mom.

We had the great opportunity of helping decorate for Mother’s Day breakfast at the kiddo’s school, and we opted for a cheerful and modern chevron theme, decorated with floral motifs .

It was a collaborative affair, with other moms and teachers helping too: they brought in food and drink, and set up the space we used. Here are some pics of the event.


And don’t forget we’re having a Mother’s day STOREWIDE sale until tomorrow Monday night, 25% off any item. To get the code head on over to our facebook page and like us to be able to see the “coupons” tab

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Teacher appreciation.

Back in college, when I taught ESL to grade schoolers, I heard someone call out that adage: “those who can’t, teach”. I can’t possibly begin to tell you how angry that made me, not only because the person who said it was the parent of one of the students (not mine, thankfully) but also because he said it in the main office of the school, in front of at least 4 teachers. Yeah, that really happened.

I don’t believe in that. I believe in order to teach, you need to know not only whatever subject you’re teaching, but also have a passion about education and promoting the growth of your students as persons. And I don’t have kids yet, but I’m sure whenever I do, I will be HELLA appreciative to their teachers.

This is a little something we did for a local school, Shaketon Elementary. They were having a teacher appreciation day held by the PTA, and we decided to show our support by getting them some unhealthy but delicious snacks: cookies!

Because, come on, everybody loves cookies! and not every teacher loves apples, right? I mean, dealing with 15 loud rambunctious munchkins every day for at least 5 hours can’t be easy, let’s give them something comforting, as un-diet-friendly as it may be.

So we came up with these stickers, cleverly disguised as a nutritious apple, you get a delicious cookie inside!  We may or may not put them up in the store sometime, depending on wether you guys want to show some love for your kiddos’ teachers or not. In the meantime, here are some photos of the tasty teacher treats.

teacher appreciation IMG_4875 copy IMG_4874 copy

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Having an easter brunch?

You’re in luck! because we have a beautiful Easter collection up in the store, and if that wasn’t enough, it’s also on S A L E !!! For our Facebook fans.

Head on over to our Facebook page to grab the coupon code, and start planning your menu for Easter brunch with the family. 

Happy easter everyone!

Easter collectionEaster collection.

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Lucky you!

St. Patrick’s day is this Sunday, are you baking any special treats for the kiddos? or maybe for yourself? (hey, no judgement here!) here’s a little something you can use to decorate your treats!

Like our Facebook page to access the link to freebies! and download, it’s THAT easy!

lucky you St. Patrick's day cupcake toppers

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